It's not about us.

It's about all of us because we cannot be silenced by misinformation. You help us give voices back to those that have been censored.

About Us

In 2013 while attending a tech conference my colleague and I met with a group of data scientists whose job was it to indentify misinformation. At the time machine learning was in its infancy and data scientists were manually classifying misinformation to produce data sets. It was the first time I fully realized the vastness of misinformation on the web.

We inquired what was being done to correct the misinformation they discovered? Their reply, it was their goal to classify and not correct. I asked, when do you think that you'll be able to stop the spread of misinformation? Their answer never, humans lie.

We left the conference with the shocking revelation that misinformation was being shared millions of times a day without anyone's knowledge and no one was doing anything about it. Fast forward to 2020 and misinformation is now headline news, we decided to do something about it.